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11) Payment Gateway Configuration

Payment gateways currently supported:

  • Paypal Standard -
  • Paypal Pro (Website Payments Pro) -
  • Paypal Advanced -
  • Payflow Pro (purchased by Paypal) -
  • 2Checkout -
  • AIM/SIM -
  • Beanstream
  • IDEAL -
  • Payment Express -
  • Paytrace -
  • Linkpoint -
  • NoChex -
  • Moneris - (Canada)
  • Worldpay -
  • Payscape -
  • Netcash (Sage Pay) - (South Africa)
  • Netcash -
  • CashU - (Middle East and North Africa)
  • Internet Secure - (US and Canada)
  • CommWeb - Commonwealth Bank of Australia -
  • Site account balance
  • check, cash, money order
  • manual cc payment
  • Stripe -

Where are these payment gateways managed in the software admin tool?

Look for those configurations here:

PAYMENTS > PAYMENT GATEWAYS > [configure} (next to the gateway to manage)

The following screenshot shows the link:

Before an "offsite payment gateway" can be used by the site you must first have a merchant account with that gateway. Once you acquire that gateway you can configure the Geo software to send payment communication to that gateway using your specific account details.

Things to know when managing payment gateways in the software

  • You can force admin approval of all transaction that happen within a specific gateway by clicking "require admin approval" within that gateways admin tool
  • The cash, check, money order and manual cc payment are hardcoded in the software to force admin approval
  • If you anticipate using the manual cc gateway make sure your merchant account agreement allows that. Just because you have a merchant account with a credit card payment processor that it allows you to accept payment over the Internet. Most brick and mortar only merchant accounts assume you will have "card in hand" when making transactions through their gateway. Internet gateway merchant accounts are a different beast as they have their own percentage charges and fraud rules.
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