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Configuration And Startup Checklist

This will cover the steps to getting started with the software. It will instruct you on many of the questions, decisions and configurations you will need to get the software the way you need it.

This is just a start. More to come.

What To Expect In This Tutorial

We'll cover the main features that most of our clients use and have questions about. In each section we'll cover the basics of the feature or concepts. We'll possibly add some examples about use of the feature. We'll also provide some wisdom we've learned about the use of that feature by clients. And lastly we may provide some explanations, situations, modifications and extensions that can add value to a feature. Over time we've seen many clients use features in interesting ways as well as thought of some interesting uses for features. We'll try to open your eyes about many features of the software to possibly add value and wrinkles to your own plans with the software.

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