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Software Requirements

Hosting companies tend to vary in the way they configure their servers, and although we try to accommodate for all of these possibilities, it is still possible that certain server configurations can cause problems when setting up the auction and classified software even though they technically meet the minimum requirements. Fear not though, by default, most servers are already equipped with the minimum requirements set forth below, but simply need to be activated if not already.

Below are the requirements of the "host" you wish to install the software to. Your host should be able to tell you if they meet these requirements or not if you are not sure. If your current hosting provider does not meet the minimum requirements, and is unable or unwilling to accommodate you to meet these requirements, contact us for further options.

If you have a dedicated server with root access, and need help upgrading or installing something to meet any of these requirements, contact us and we can try to point you in the right direction as best we can. 1)

For a list of hosts that we have verified meet the minimum requirements, see the resources section of our website.

Minimum Requirements

Below are the requirements and recommendations for the use of our software:

Main Requirements

The software will not function properly, or not at all, without at least these minimum requirements from your host:

  • Scripting Language - PHP 5.4.0 or later
  • Database - MySQL 4.1.0 or later 2)
  • Licensing - The free IonCube Loader must be installed.3)
  • Operating System - Any that meets other requirements

Server Plugins

For maximum functionality, we recommend PHP be compiled with the curl, openssl, and gd2 extensions. These are freely available, and automatically built into most server configurations.

Apache's mod_rewrite is required for search-engine-friendly URLs

Any webhost that meets the above requirements will be sufficient to tun GeoCore. If you do not have one in mind, we have identified a few that meet the requirements, and listed them on the resources page.

Note that the scope of the e-mail support we offer does not cover server related issues, but we will still try to help as best we can as time allows. Keep in mind, that we are primarily Developers, not server administrators.
This software will only run on a MySQL database. We recommend the latest version of MySQL.
One of the added values in purchasing our software is that the source code is completely open and editable. However, since it is controlled by a software license key, files relating to software licensing must still be encrypted. Your server is required to have the IonCube loaders installed in order to run the encrypted license key file(s).
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