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Feature Configurations

This section will focus on configuring the features coded into the software to meet the needs of your site. You will learn to configure the features of the software to focus on your market.

What is the Focus of Your Site

You'll need to have a path to go with your site. That entails asking a lot of questions. You may have already built up a business plan and this may guide you in your configurations. If you haven't seen thought of these questions you should look through them now as they are important to setting up the software to suit your needs.

  • Do you want to focus on one industry like autos, real estate, …etc?
  • Do you want to focus on many areas and have a general use site?
  • Do you want to have classifieds, auctions, reverse auctions, buy now only listings,….etc or a combination of each?
  • If you want to charge?
  • If you charge how do you want to charge your customer? By fees, by subscriptions, just listing extras….?

The above questions will affect how you need to configure the software.

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