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Corrupted Pages

A while back, the original company had a drive failure. Most of the wiki was recovered, but some of the files were corrupted.

We found that you can find them on wayback! Update: Better / easier solution! See below.

Update 2: Turns out, just briefly looking at the some of the pages, very few work to restore the "easy way". I think it is just luck if the "history data" for a page also got corrupted or not. Even so, it would be good to do a "first pass" if someone has time, to restore all the ones that are able to using the main method below. Once all the "easy ones" are done, maybe we can figure out a way to find the harder ones on wayback (it gets complicated since the wiki has changed URL's over the years).

These are pages that do not have a title in them. That was the only way I could figure out how to find "corrupted" ones since the corrupted ones are well, corrupted, and are missing the actual text contents.

Some may just be redirect pages. But if it is empty, chances are it got corrupted.

How to fix

We need a volunteer or 2 with some time! You don't need to be able to fix all of them at once, even if you just have a few minutes, restoring a few will help. This will fix some of them, just depending on if the page history is also corrupted or not. For those that it does not work, we'll make a second pass later using wayback to find the old contents.

To fix (restore from page history method):

  1. Request a wiki login - contact us and we can set you up with a login. Currently self registrations disabled to prevent spam.
  2. On this page, open a link without any status things next to it.
  3. If it has some content, and no broken images or anything, edit it and add FP before (for "False Positive"), then move on to the next one. Some just say "this page has moved".
  4. If it is completely empty though, continue:
  5. Click the "revisions" link on the right side.
  6. Click on the first one in the revision list. If it is empty, try the second, and so on. If all are empty, we may be outta luck. For now edit the item, add m( next to it, and move on to the next one in the list.
  7. If it looks ok, hit "edit" then "save".
  8. Verify it works now!
  9. If it works, edit the list and add a ✔️ (just copy/paste this one).
  10. Go to the next in the list, repeat.

Once you go through all the ones in the list, let me know. And thanks ahead of time!

List of "possibly" corrupted pages

Note: the way I found these, was to do a file search for any that did not have a title (with `===`) in them. So a lot of them are not corrupted, they are just pages saying "this page moved…".

If you find one just says "page moved …" and is not blank, remove it from the list.

If the page itself is totally blank, follow instuctions above to restore the most recent "working" version.

Legend: 1)

  • ✔️ - Able to be restored! Whoohoo!
  • FP - this one is a false positive, probably just says "this page has moved"
  • m( - this one was checked and not able to be restored. We'll have to find it on wayback or something.


Note: the goal is to not remove things from the list, I wanted anyone to be able to go through and verify them and see progress as well.
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