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User Profile Display [S]

This page displays the user’s current registration data that is on file, as well as, other pertinent data relating their account. Such as, the User Group and Price Plan they are attached to, tokens that they have available, their account balance, etc.

At the bottom of the page are several tables that display the user’s active and recently expired listings. You have the ability to change (edit) "listing extras" associated with each of their listings. You can also increase the number of allowed photos for each listing, as well as, restart expired listings.

<tip c n>TIP: To "edit" or "delete" the details of any user's listing, you must do so by logging in to your main site (user side) using your admin 'username' and 'password'. Doing so will automatically display an "edit" and "delete" column within the browsing categories of your site. You can then find the listing(s) that you want to edit or delete and make your changes.</tip>

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