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Community Edition Instructions

These are the installation instructions for those that wish to install the software using the newer community edition using a zipped installation package.

Using this method is recommended if you are comfortable with installing web-based software using FTP. You can also use git to clone the repo if you are familiar with that, but we don't have any instructions for that option. Doing so is very similar to the steps below, but instead of downloading the files and using FTP to upload, you would use git to clone the repo at and you would need to run composer install to build it.


  1. Create new MySQL database on your server.
  2. Download and un-zip the community edition. You will find the latest version download link in the Download Page. When you download, the file should end in .zip, and the download will be labeled something similar to
  3. When you unzip it, the files should be in a new folder named geocore-ce/ - change to that directory.
  4. Rename the file config.example.php to config.php - be sure you get example one, not one of the others like default.
  5. Edit the config.php file you just renamed, and change the database settings. Use the settings for the database you created in step 1.
  6. FTP all the files to your server where you want them to be installed.
  7. Run the web-based installation script located at setup/index.php using your favorite Internet browser. For example, if your site was, you would run in your browser. It will guide you through all the steps.
  8. Once you have completed the setup script, follow the link on the last page to the admin panel and log into the admin for the first time. The admin user/pass will be set to the default of "admin", and "geodesic", respectively.
NOTE: At the admin page, if it says that the folder templates_c needs to be "writable"1) : Change the following directories to be writable by the "apache user" (When in doubt, CHMOD 777 if it gives an error about templates_c):




geo_templates/ 2)

  1. When the installation process is complete, delete the following directories (if they exist) from your site:
    • pre_setup/
    • setup/
    • sql/
    • upgrade/
  2. The software should now be installed. Enjoy! Be sure to check out How Our Auction & Classified Software Works to get started learning the software.
Most hosts use something called "suexec" so that the scripts running on your site can "write files" without any special permissions. But a few hosts do not do this, or it may not be like that for a dedicated host, for such sites, you need to change the permissions on certain folders so that the script can edit and write files in those folders. This is needed for the software to work, but you should only do it if you get the error.
All sub-folders and files as well
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