A brief history of how this project came to be

This is an open source classifieds and auctions software project, maintained by the community.

We welcome any help you can give! Or if you just want to use the software, that's fine too. The software is completely open source and free to use under the MIT license.

The software was originally sold and had licensing restrictions in place. The company has since closed, confirmed by one of the owners. That owner also gave permission to use the software since the company was closed. Since there was still interest in the software, a community was formed to maintain and bring the software forward.

geodesicsolutions.org vs .com

The original website geodesicsolutions.com expired in July 2021. We noticed that the .org domain was available, so decided to use .org to create and maintain an open source version of the software. This website is not affiliated with or endorsed by the former Geodesic Solutions LLC. in any way.

Community administrator:

This site and the source code on it was started by a former employee (known in Geo community as jonyo) who did more recent contract work for the company before it shut down. As result of that contract work, he still had full access to the latest un-encoded source code, along with a backup copy of the wiki. He was able to contact one of the owners to confirm that the company is indeed shut down, and as such, has permission to release the source code free and un-encoded.

Due to lack of time and a possible conflict of interest, I am now looking for a new site administrator. If anyone is interested, pleas let me know! If there is not any interest I will be shutting down the site and archiving the github repo in the upcoming months.